Remote Control Lighting

Create a relaxing environment with the touch of a finger.

Home Lighting and the ability to control it creates moods that help you to enjoy your home to the fullest.

Whether it’s:

  • lighting an outdoor scene or a pathway as guests arrive
  • coming home to an already lit room
  • or having a romantic dinner under soft lighting

>> Nothing can create an ambiance like special lighting.

Sensation Design Group can enable you with remote control lighting to have the ability to adjust control and interface your exact lighting needs.

An astronomical clock system aids you in making sure your outdoor lights are on whether you are home or not.

Being able to turn any light on at once via a touch panel will give you a sense of security.  Imagine coming home and having your path light up from the garage to the kitchen without fumbling for switches and then turning them off as you pass by.

The possibilities are endless, so let Sensation Design Group create your home into a lighting haven.

Remote Lighting Control